Tinware Sake Cup Mt.Fuji Red


Sale price¥12,000 JPY


Tinware was introduced into Japan as a container of medicines about 1300 years ago. In Edo period, the production center of tinware became Osaka and tinware became popular among the common people. It has been selected as one of Traditional Craft Products as "Osaka Naniwa Pewterware".The feature of tinware is that sake and water tastes better. This is the perfect gift since it comes with a wooden box.

【How to use】
・After use, please use neutral detergent and wash it with water or lukewarm water. Wipe off the moisture on it neatly. Leaving the water may cause stains.
・Please do not use steel wool and abrasives.
・Pouring acidic liquids (lemon water, vinegar etc.) may discolorate.
・Please do not heat it because the melting point (230 degrees) is low.
・Avoid preserving in the refrigerator and freezer.

・Material/ Cup:Tin , Box:Wood
・Size/ Cup:φ5.5×H5cm , Box:W8.3×H8.3×D7.5cm

・Note / Microwave-not possible, Oven-not possible, Dish dryer-not allowed
・Weight/ 160 g
・Made in Japan

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