Hijab Kyoto Long Pink 


Sale price¥12,000 JPY


Hijab woven and dyed by Kyoto craftsmen with Kyoto techniques.
The hijab is a cloth used by Muslim women on a daily basis when they go out, and is used for religious purposes to cover women's head hair and chest.
Kyoto was the capitol of Japan for over 1000years.
The traditional Japanese culture, performing arts, crafts and cuisine that the people living in this city have inherited and refined over the ages have attracted people from all over the world.
This hijab was planned and produced in Kyoto as a welcoming to Muslims from Kyoto.

Hand dyeing
“Shippo tsunagi” Japanese traditional pattern. Good luck symbol.
Lightweight 100% cotton, silky smooth texture.

・Material/ Cotton100%
・Size/ W53×H180cm

・Weight/ 80 g
・Made in Japan

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