Nishijin Brocade Frame “The Three Major Festivals”


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A creation of "Kyo-nishiki ori", which expresses elegance, brilliancy, and dignity of ancient city Kyoto, using various colored threads, especially gold and silver.

"The Three Major Festivals" is a gorgeous work that described with the three great festivals of Kyoto. They are the following three.

The first festival is "Aoi Festival" of Kamigamo Shrine and Shimogamo Shrine in May, that prays for a huge harvest.
The second is "Gion Festival" of Yasaka Shrine in Gion area in July, that prays for good health.
The third is "Jidai Festival" of Heian Shrine in October. It is the festival of the costume procession from Heian era to Meiji era, from the late 8th century to the early 20th century, at from Kyoto Imperial Palace to Heian Shrine.

The scenery of the procession and the nobility of Heian era are expressed with a lively and elegant atmosphere.
It is with framed. Please display it in your favorite place.

・Material/ Fabric:Polyester, Nyron, Gold Thread , Frame:Wood, Acrylic Plate
・Size/ W80×H47.5×D3cm

・Weight/ 3560 g
・Made in Japan

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