Woodblock print "Sunset view from Onmayabashi in Ryogoku" by Hokusai Published by UNSODO


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■ Type
UKIYO-E, Reproduction
(New woodblocks, reprinting)
This was designed by HOKUSAI in the Edo period.
Printed by UNSODO publisher in late years (Kyoto).

■ Artist
HOKUSAI ( Katsushika Hokusai )
Hokusai is an ukiyo-e artist in the late Edo period.
Hokusai is best known for the woodblock print series Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji which includes the internationally iconic print The Great Wave off Kanagawa.

■ Description
This is one of the series of "Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji".
It is dusk on the Sumida River. It expresses the time when the sun goes down and the color gradually disappears. The Ryogoku Bridge and the houses on the opposite shore are drawn as silhouettes, and while the boatman stares at Mt. Fuji, the people on the ship are silent and the sun is about to set.

・Material/ Japanese washi paper
・Size/ Picture:W37×H25cm , Margin included:W41×H28.5cm

・Regarding size / There is a slight error in size.
・Weight/ 150 g
・Made in Japan

Product Type: HOME DÉCOR

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