Arita Ware Large-sized Decorative Plate with Gold Leaf "Maple Leaves"


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Arita Ware was the porcelain produced for the first time in Japan in the 17th century, and is a general term for porcelain made around Arita Town, Western part of Saga Prefecture. Arita Ware is characterized by its hard, durable, translucent white porcelain with indigo blue, red, yellow, gold, and other gorgeous colors delicately painted on it.

This product is an Arita Ware decorative plate with gold leaf. A picture plate depicting elegant autumn leaves is covered with the same highest quality genuine gold leaf used in the Kinkakuji Temple in Kyoto. It is made in the traditional Arita Ware kiln, Kozan Kiln, which has inherited the secret technique of applying gold leaf called "Kinrande". Kinrande works are made through multiple processes: first, the plates are fired after the designs are hand painted, then lacquer is applied while keeping the designs intact, and then gold leaf is applied by hand one by one. These processes, which always require the utmost care, are truly the work of a master. This is one of the finest masterpieces of Arita Ware porcelain.

This dignified decorative plate is an appropriate item to present to guests. It can be displayed at the entrance or in the drawing room. It is a perfect gift for wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, store openings, retirement gifts, etc.

Comes with a wooden plate stand. Delivered in a paulownia wooden box.

As each product is handmade, please note that there may be individual differences.

・Material/ Plate:Porcelain, Gold Leaf , Stand:Wood , Box:Paulownia Wood
・Size/ Plate:φ40.5×D5cm , Stand:W30×H30×D23cm , Box:W44×H9×D44cm

・Weight/ 4000 g
・Made in Japan

Product Type: HOME DÉCOR
Collection: POTTERY
Collection: ARITA WARE

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