Pure Silver Pendant “Flower Crest Motif”


Style: Cherry blossom
Sale price¥18,000 JPY


It is a silver accessory of the metal craft workshop "Chikueido", which has continued in Kyoto for over 200 years since the Edo period. They tell the ancient aesthetics through the metal craft techniques.
Silver has a more subdued beauty than gold and it has the pleasure of becoming familiar with it over time and changing to a tasteful smoky color.

This is an elegant pendant with a flower crest openwork. Both the front and back are carved to be three-dimensional, so it can be enjoyed it without worrying about turning it over.

“Cherry blossoms” is the representative flower in Japan loved by the people.
“Dianthus” is called Nadeshiko in Japanese, which is also used as a compliment to Japanese women, like “Yamato Nadeshiko”.

If oil or fingerprints mark on it, please wipe it with a soft cotton cloth soaked in lukewarm water and baking powder to remove the slight yellowing. Be sure to wipe off the water.
Silver is a soft material, so please take care of it gently and carefully.

・Material/ Top:Pure Silver , Jump ring:SV925 , Chain:SV925
・Size/ Cherry blossoms:φ2.2×H2.5cm , Dianthus:φ2.2×H2.8cm

・Weight/ 9 g
・Made in Japan

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