Koshu Inden “Frame Coin Purse” 1104


Color: Purple
Sale price¥10,000 JPY



The frame coin purse that fits in the palm of a hand and it gives an elegant impression with the gold clasp. It is recommended as an accessory case.
Koshu Inden is the traditional handcraft which has handed down in Yamanashi prefecture for 400 years.
It is a deer leather patterned with lacquer and the technique is that a hand-carved paper pattern is placed on the dyed deer leather and is imprinted lacquer on it to make the pattern stand out.
The deer leather has the closest feeling to human skin and is light and durable, so it has been applied for the tools for daily life or armor since the ancient times.
The lacquer is called "Japan", and is the material that symbolizes the beauty of Japan, which is also combined with the utility and decorative.
Inden product is the strong popular item with its soft feeling and the various lucky patterns. It is produced by INDEN-YA Co., Ltd.

“Pink in Purple, Hydrangea” is a healing flower in a rainy season.
“White in Red, Cherry blossoms” is a national flower loved by the people very much.
“Red in Black, Cherry blossoms and irises” are a lucky combination.

Please note that the lacquer or pattern may cause partial peeling, if it is bent strongly or comes into contact with a hard object.
Stains caused by moisture cannot be undone. Also, if you use it in a moist state, the color may transfer to clothing.
Since it is used the natural materials, there may slight difference in the pattern’s position.
Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity when it is stored.

・Material/ Outer:Deer leather , Inner lining:Polyester , Clasp:Brass
・Size/ W10×H7×D1.7cm

・Weight/ 60 g
・Made in Japan

Collection: INDEN

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