Ironware Stew Pot


Sale price¥12,000 JPY


Nambu Ironware is one of Japan's leading traditional crafts with a long history.
Founded in 1852, OIGEN in Iwate prefecture continues to make products such as iron pots and kettles that are indispensable to people's lives as a long-established store of Nambu Ironware.This product is good for cooking stewed dishes, steaks, roasted vegetables etc. Ingredients will be cooked evenly since it has high heat conductivity. You can put it on a dining table as it is.
*Use in oven, on the gas stove.
*There are individual differences in the nature of casting.

・Material/ Cast Iron
・Size/ W22×H9.1×D15cm

・Note/ Microwave-not possible, IH cooktop-not possible, Dishwasher not allowed
・Weight/ 1640 g
・Made in Japan

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