Ironware Skillet "Japanese Omelette Pan"


Sale price¥10,000 JPY


Nambu Ironware is one of Japan's leading traditional crafts with a long history.
Founded in 1852, OIGEN in Iwate prefecture continues to make products such as iron pots and kettles that are indispensable to people's lives as a long-established store of Nambu Ironware. "Japanese Omelet Pan" is a typical cookware for making Japanese rolled omelet which is a basic side dish for Bento. Besides the omelet, you can cook any other side dishes.
* Use in oven, on the gas stove
*There are individual differences in the nature of casting.

・Material/ Cast Iron
・Size/ W29.6×H4.8×D13.5cm

・Note/ Microwave-not possible, IH cooktop-not possible, Dishwasher not allowed
・Weight/ 1080 g
・Made in Japan

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