Kyo Karakami Wall Panel Vase LACK DESIGN BAMBOO “Yabure-shippo”

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Decorative paper has its roots in art paper that was introduced from China during the Tang dynasty, has been handed down to Kyoto for over a thousand years by craftsmanship.
Karakami is like a woodblock print applied on the sliding door, called Fusuma in Japanese room, and is still used in Katsura Imperial Palace, temples, and tearooms in Japan.
The pattern has a wide range and its feature is a sophisticated pattern that has been handed down from dynasty culture with handrails.

This is a stylish panel has a feeling of the Japanese atmosphere created in the space by arranging flowers in the bamboo vase.
This is a classic pattern that has been changed by omitting some parts of the continuous pattern called “Shippo”, which represents peace or perfection.
It is made by hand one by one, and produced by Maruni Co., Ltd.

Please note that a humid environment or direct sunlight may cause product deterioration.
The paint on the surface is water soluble. If water gets on the surface, press a soft cloth like a towel from above without rubbing it and wipe it off.
The texture and pattern how appear may have a slight difference.
The hook on the back included is for hanging on the wall. Please use the attached screws if necessary.

・Material/ Coating :Japanese Washi paper , Panel and Cabinet:MDF , Vase:Bamboo
・Size/ W25×H25×D2.3cm , Cabinet:W23×H9.2×D0.7cm , Bamboo:φ3.2×H9cm

・Weight/ 660 g
・Made in Japan

Product Type: HOME DÉCOR

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