Karakami Wall Panel


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Decorative paper has its roots in art paper that was introduced from China during the Tang dynasty, has been handed down to Kyoto for over a thousand years by craftsmanship.
Karakami is like a woodblock print applied on the sliding door, called Fusuma in Japanese room, and is still used in Katsura Imperial Palace, temples, and tearooms in Japan.
The pattern has a wide range and its feature is a sophisticated pattern that has been handed down from dynasty culture with handrails.

This wavy wall panel is a series of geometric patterns, which give a fresh impression like a not old design. It has a gentle atmosphere of Japanese Washi paper and is easy to display even in a small space of your house. It is made by hand one by one, and is produced by Maruni Co., Ltd.

“Umenomaru Grey” is a magnificent round designed plum blossoms and has an elegant gentleness.
“Kakutsunagi Green” is a continuous pattern of square and has been used for the costumes of actors in the Edo period.
“Matsu-karakusa Red” is the combination of pine tree and arabesque and expresses the longevity and prosperity.

Please note that a humid environment or direct sunlight may cause product deterioration.
The paint on the surface is water soluble. If water gets on the surface, press a soft cloth like a towel from above without rubbing it and wipe it off.
The texture and pattern how appear may have a slight difference.
The hook on the back included is for hanging on the wall. Please use the attached screws if necessary.

・Material/ Coating :Japanese Washi paper , Panel:MDF
・Size/ W25×H25×D2.5cm

・Weight/ 500 g
・Made in Japan

Product Type: HOME DÉCOR

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