Kabazaiku Cherry Bark Tea Caddy "Sparrow in the Bamboo" (Large)


Sale price¥33,000 JPY


Kabazaiku, cherry bark craft, is a traditional craftwork originated in Akita Prefecture during the 18th century.
Kabazaiku products are ecological and do not harm the trees in the long run as only one-third of the bark is cut. The trees have regenerative powers, growing back enough bark for the next harvest.

Tea caddies completely covered with cherry bark on all parts of the interior, exterior, and cover, are the finest products made by Kabazaiku craftsmen. This tea caddy features an engraving art of a sparrow in the bamboo on the exterior. It's a beautiful piece of craftwork that combines beauty and functionality, which makes it a perfect gift.

It comes with a tea scoop which is also made of cherry bark.

・Material/ Tea caddy:Cherry Bark , Tea scoop:Cherry Bark
・Size/ Tea caddy:φ8.2×H11.5cm , Tea scoop:W5.9×H3.4cm

・Weight/ 280 g
・Made in Japan

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