Nishijin-Ori Textile Obi Sash “Gold & Purple“


Sale price¥80,000 JPY


Nishijin-Ori textiles, which are figured cloth that represent Japan, produced in the Nishijin area of Kyoto City.
The history dates back to the 5th century. In the Heian period, the high-class textiles have produced for the court and the aristocrats.
The feature is Sakizome, the dyeing of the threads first before weaving the cloth, which can be dyed in the deep colors and the colors are also hard to fade.
Nowadays, not only the obi and kimono but also various products for accessories, and for interior use such as wall hangings, are being created.

This obi sash is Fukuro-obi. Two pieces of obi are woven and both ends are sewn together. The gorgeous pattern represents peace, beauty, and patience. The black color of ground gives a gorgeous yet calm impression. Recommended, for example, using it in various ways, such as decorating a table or as a tapestry, as you like. Please enjoy the modern style.

The part that comes to the body when it is worn as an obi is plain. Please note it when using it for purposes other than obi.

・Material/ Fabric:Silk70%, Polyester15%, Rayon15%
・Size/ W463×H31cm

・Weight/ 705 g
・Made in Japan

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