Kinran Fabrics tapestry Islamic Prayer Rug S "Maika"


Sale price¥18,000 JPY


“Kinran,” gold brocade, evolved from this history for more than a thousand years.
KAJI KINRAN, the “Kinran” company based in the Nishijin area of Kyoto, attempts to once again fuse Islamic art and Japanese tradition to create an original work of artistry.
“Kinran Fabrics” are the fabrics with some patterns and designs woven by the threads which are covered with the golden leaf or the finely cut golden leaves as the threads.
Since ancient times, the Middle Eastern and the East Asian cultures
reverberated, fused, and developed through the Silk Road.

Various kinds of flowers from all over the world are joyfully blooming in this rug.
The symmetry of this pattern would give you an impression of harmony and peaceful world.

・Material/ Body:Polyester blend , Tapestry rods:Aluminium
・Size/ W35×H69cm , Tapestry rods:Φ0.5×W35.5cm

・Weight/ 320 g
・Made in Japan

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