Hemp Tapestry "Clematis"


Sale price¥42,000 JPY


The hand-woven hemp tapestry that creates a modern Japanese interior.
It is dyed one by one using the traditional techniques such as brush dyeing, stencil dyeing and hand painting depending on the motif.

Clematis that extends the vines upwards is drawn. It expresses the graceful blooming in elegant purple and white. A luxurious atmosphere finished.

Please note that the dyed color may slight differ from the photo depending on the temperature and humidity because of the handmade.
Also, since it is used the natural hemp spun, the width of the fabric may slight uneven, or the fabric may have dark lines. Please understand it as the texture of natural materials.

・Material/ Fabric:Hemp100% , Stick:Pine Wood , String:Polyester
・Size/ Fabric:W60×H150Dcm , Stick:W66×φ2.2cm

・Weight/ 520 g
・Made in Japan

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