Hand-Dyed Hemp Doll “Maneki-Neko” White Size M with a cotton bag

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Maneki-neko, beckoning cat, is loved as a lucky item for a long time in Japan.
This hand dyeing cat is made of hemp fabric and has a gentle and cute impression.
This white cat raises a left paw and will bring customers.
"Shofuku", the letters on an old coin which are dyed on the front side of a black cat means good luck charm.
Why don't you display this cute cat at the entrance of the house, especially for New Year's?

It also comes with a large cotton pouch, which are printed the letters, "O-iri", meaning of a full-house. It makes it the perfect gift.

Please note that the dyed color may slight differ from the photo depending on the temperature and humidity because of the handmade.
Also, since it is used the natural hemp spun, the width of the fabric may slight uneven, or the fabric may have dark lines. Please understand it as the texture of natural materials.
The color of the cotton pouch string may differ from the photo.

・Material/ Fabric:Hemp100% , Filling:Polyester100% , Bag :Cotton100% , Bell:Metal
・Size/ Cat:W14×H21×D12cm , Bag:W22×H23×D13cm

・Weight/ 230 g
・Made in China

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