Shi-Moa Double Layered Cup "Red Sandalwood"


Sale price¥20,000 JPY


Shi-Moa Cup, shaped with highest rank 18-8 Stainless Steel at Nigata Prefecture.
The inside is polished with highly valued technique of the prefecture. The lower part is polished into spiral form which could make the drink foamy. The upper part is polished in order to make the foam smoother.
Outside is coated in irregular pattern, created by Ishigawa Prefecture Lacquer Craftman's technique, which the colour would change gradually in use.
Last but not least, this product comes with coasters, which are made with Ishigawa Prefecture Washi.
We hope you will enjoy this collaboration of Japanese Traditional Craftsmanship.

・Material/ Paint:Natural Lacquer , Body:Stainless Steel , Wood Box:Paulownia wood
・Size/ Cup:W×12.1Dcm , Coaster:W9×H9Dcm

・Weight/ 340 g
・Made in Japan

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