Lacquerware Soup Bowl "IRO-IRO Bowl"

Color: Orange
Sale price¥9,900 JPY



A stylish soup bowl lacquered one by one, with a Japanese traditional color of orange.
It can be used not only for soup and cereals but also for desserts like fruits or ice creams. It is useful for various situations such as morning, lunch or dinner time.

“IRO-IRO”, the brand name of this series, means of “various” or “colorful” in Japanese.
This orange color expresses daidai orange of fruits and its name has a meaning of the prosperity for generations.

Lacquer has supported Japanese life and culture by widely used for its robustness, durability and ease of decoration.
Isuke Shoten Co., Ltd. that was originally a lacquer dealer in Kyoto, pursued the color of lacquer based on the traditional Japanese color and produced this series by collaborating with Miyake design.
It has a modern atmosphere and will also fit well in western-style living spaces. We hope you will enjoy the utility and beauty of Japanese lacquerware.

It is highly recommended as a gift for the wedding, birthday, or various anniversaries, and as a gift set with a bonbonnieres and cups of the same series “IRO-IRO”, for regardless of ages.

・Please note that the color of lacquer may have a slight difference between the image and the actual product.
・Please avoid using a microwave oven, dishwasher or dryer.

・Material/ Wood powder and resin molded , Lacquer
・Size/ φ13.5×H7cm

・Weight/ 280 g
・Made in Japan

Collection: TABLE WARE > BOWL
Collection: LACQUER WARE

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