Glass Wind Bell Specially Selection Small Round "Five Goldfish"

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Since ancient time, gourds have been regarded as lucky charms and the thoughts have been passed down through the generation. Shape-like gourds are applied to Edo Furin. Goldfish is not only a symbol of the summer festival but also, has been believed good fortune. It is painted with goldfish swimming gracefully among seaweed in the sea.

Wind-bell (Fu-rinn) have been manufactured for thousands of years as amulets.
With the introduction of glass-making techniques in Japan in the Edo era(1603-1867), manufacturers started to use glass for wind-bell which have steadily gained popularity for their cool sounds.
Now they have become one of the common features illustrating the Japanese summer.

This product is carefully made one by one at Shinohara Furin Honpo. At Shinohara Furin Honpo (the company), they adhere to the traditional manufacturing method established in the Edo era and remain the leading maker of glass wind-bell. They named it "Edo Furin" about half a century ago.
Shinohara family is the last and only glass wind-bell manufacturer in Japan.

In hot and humid summer in Japan, we still believe the prodigality of nature is a gift.
Invisible summer breeze creates cooling resonance and softens the heat of summer by Edo Furin.

The soothing sound and ambiance of Edo Furin will share the peace, nostalgia,
and richness of nature with you and then they will enrich your life in spades.

You will often be found hanging from the balconies and porches of Japanese houses in summer.
You can also share the harmony of winds with your neighbor.


Please note that since each product is handmade, there are individual differences.

The most prominent feature of Edo Furin is its sound.
The edge of Edo Furin is left jagged intentionally!! It may cut or scratch your finger. Please be careful when putting the product out of the box.

Every single Edo Furin is all hand-blowing by craftsmen. It is very delicate and easy to break.
You will be recommended to cover it with something like bubble wrap and place it in the box when not in use.

・Material/ glass
・Size/ Φ7×H6 cm
・Weight/ 80 g

Wind Bell Iron Desktop stand

This stand is exclusively for glass wind-bell. It is made of iron, so it is stable. You can carry the beautiful sound anywhere in your house.

・Material/ Iron
・Size/ W16×H37.5cm
・Weight/ 240 g
・Made in Japan
・Made in Japan

Product Type: HOME DECOR
Collection: ORNAMENT > Wind Bell
Collection: EDO GLASS

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