Are you looking for a Jewelry box?

Are you having trouble storing pieces of jewelry?

Or you might have small things that you want to cherish. Here are storage boxes in Kyoto Handicraft Center! There are various kinds of a storage boxes. Lacquer finish, wooden mosaic work, folding cloth type, and so on.

We handle various kinds of boxes.

In our real shop, we have any sort of boxes. There is a category as "JEWELRY BOX" for the online shop, but there are more boxes in our shop. For example, "Lacquerware Box groundcherry 4.5" is an accessory case. It also will be a card box or key box, anything can be put as you like. Please check out our "LACQUERWARE" and "WOODEN MOSAIC WORK" collections!


Lacquerware Box "Ground cherry" 4.5

Lacquerware Box "Ground cherry" 4.5

Yosegi 5 "Accessories Box"

Yosegi 5 "Accessories Box"


You can play the music whenever you want to!

This "Lacquerware Music box Iris with drawer Size 9.0 Ayame" is not only a jewelry box but also a music box. There might be someone who does not want to let music is played when it is opened. You just leave it till the music is all over. After that, music will not be played. If you want to listen to the music again, please wind a spring. This has a drawer, so it can be a beautiful desk organizer.

Lacquerware Music box "Iris" with drawer Size 9.0 Ayame
To see other design ;
 Lacquerware Music box "Peony" with drawer Size 9.0 Botan


Would you like to carry it around? We have a jewelry case made of  cloth too!

There are mobile jewelry pouches and a small box made of beautiful kimono fabric. Those will be a travel jewelry case as well. It is soft touch, compact, and protects your jewelry.

Jewelry Case Gold-Brocade

Jewelry Case Gold-Brocade 

Also, there is a cute twisting box. This twisting jewelry box hexagon is popular in our real shop, as well as for a gift. This has a clever structure to open, please pull the lid while twisting.

Twisting Jewelry box

Twisting Jewelry box Hexagon


We wish you will find your perfect jewelry box!!
In Japan, Spring has come and started a new life. Any new things make you feel better. Even cluttered accessories will shine more if you store them in a nice accessory box.

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