Stay cool and relax with Japanese way Ver.1 "The effect of the cast iron Wind Bell"

Will the wind bell bring you the coolness?

If you have ever been to Kyoto even once in summer, you may remember the climate extremely hot and humid.
It should make you sweat a lot.

Yoshida Kenko, the auth0r of "Tsurezuregusa"(Essay in Idleness) mentioned that we have to build a house for the purpose of surviving hot and humid summer. As he lived in Kyoto for a long time, he knew very well how he has to survive in summer of Kyoto.

To feel more cool during summer

In Kyoto, there are a lot of typical Japanese houses called "Machiya".
A feature of Machiya is a narrow entrance, but has enough depth with a small courtyard.
The style of this construction is to let the wind through, by the consideration of surviving hot and humid summer.
This kind of wooden house has above excellent natural ventilation system, so we can stay comfortable in it.

So, if you stay in Machiya house of Kyoto, you may not feel so hot and feel conmfortable wind and feel more cool than in a reinforced concrete house.

However, if the temperature rises over 30℃,it would be unbearable even in the Machiya house.

This is why, Japanese people thought out to use several items on getting along with nature like folding fan, Uchiwa (round paper fan) and even also the Wind Bell.

The Wind Bell is so loved by Japanese people especially in summer as the item to feel "cool" by hearing the sound.

Japanese people feel "wind " and feel "cool" even also by the ear, sound.

Does it really bring the coolness?

Please click here to check the sound of Wind Bell.
Do you feel cool?
Your answer should be "No".

It is said that only Japanese people feel cool by them.

There are two reasons.

1)Conditional reflex of our brain
This is because the Wind Bell has been hung near the entrance of house where the wind hit well.
When we hear the sound of that, our brain catches that the wind is blowing and feel cool.

2)Repeated visual images
In Japan, we have a lot of occasion to see the images of Wind Bell anywhere; TV commercials of foods and drinks for summer, in the catalog of sweets for summer, posters in the subway to show the summer sales of department store etc...
Our brain memorizes that images of Wind Bell is the symbol to feel cool in summer without realizing it.

However, if you are not in such an environment, you may not feel cool even though you hear the sound of Wind Bell.

So, the Wind Bell brings coolness only for Japanese people.

But, don't have to be disappointed.

The sound of the Wind Bell makes you relaxed.

According to an experiment, people who hear the sound of Wind Bell feel relaxed because their PSN(parasympathetic nerve) gets active and blood circulation improves.
Especially, The sound of cast iron Wind Bell of contains high frequency sound over 3,000hz which works to suppress your stress and make you relax and also make active your brain.

If you feel stress now, we recommend you to hang the Wind Bell in your living room, in your workplace, or entrance of house etc...

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Cast iron "Nanbu tekki"

The wind bell is originally made from cast iron.
A long time ago, some temple started to hang the cast iron Wind Bell as a talisman.

Cast iron usually used for the Wind Bell is called as Nanbu tekki. It was born in the Iwate prefecture northeast of Japanese peninsula and produce high quality ironware by the hand of high skilled craft men.
The sound of Nanbu tekki wind bell is so deep and clear to make you relax.
Regarding the story of Nanbu tekki, please click here.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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