Happy New Year from Kyoto Handicraft Center

We offer our hearty wishes for your happiness in the new year.

In Japan, we call this season "Shin-shun"; "Shin" means new and "shun" means spring.
However, we are in midwinter and it is still cold. All mountains surrounded on all four side of Kyoto are covered with snow,
we feel chilly to the bones.

Why do we call "Shin-shun", new spring for this season?

The reason is as follows;
January of old calendar was actual february, and February of old calendar was actual march.
Actual January (solar calendar) has been moved up by one month.
February, the New Year month of old calender is still winter, but the days are little bit longer than night, and we hear the sound of bush warblers make in the mountain.
So, even now, we call "New Spring " for New New Year season.

One of the traditional New Year decoration is "Kagami mochi", two- round piled up rice cakes, bitter orange on it.

We make round rice like a mirror. Mirror is one of the important sacred treasure in where the pure spirit stays.
As it is said that sacred sprit of dieties stays during first 15days of New Year (in Kyoto).

And, these are also one of the traditional New Year decoration, "Mochi- bana", flower of rice cakes.(You will see some branches  above Kagami mochi.) 
We pray for rich harvest this year, and pray for the well- being of all people in the world.

We have decorated auspicious items of our stores at the entrance.

Please visit our Official online store even though you can not visit our physical stores in Kyoto, Japan.


Let's spread joy not germ for the year 2021.





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