Akabeko "Small-sized Tawarabeko"


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Akabeko is a traditional toy in Aizu, Fukushima. It is made of papier-mâché. ‘Aka’ means red, and ‘beko’ is a word for cow or bull in the local dialect. One of the characteristics is that it shakes its head up and down as you touch it.
There are several legends of akabeko. A legend says that when a plague epidemic occurred in Aizu in the Heian period, children who had akabeko did not get sick. Akabeko has been loved as a talisman which protects us from evil and brings good luck.
This “Tawarabeko” is holding straw rice bags (tawara) on its back which symbolize good harvests.
As it is handmade, the product may vary from the one in the pictures.

・Material: Washi Paper
・Size: W4.0 x D9.5 x H7.0cm
・Weight: 60g
・Made in Japan

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