Narrow Tapestry "Wild Grapes"


Sale price¥13,000 JPY


The narrow tapestry that width is slim. You can display it everywhere, such as on the pillar, a living room, and the door.
In addition, you can display it like a noren if you combine several tapestries.
The cloth is made from natural hemp and is handwoven.
It is dyed with the traditional technique of brush dyeing, stencil dyeing and hand painting depending on a motif applied one by one.
The image of chenging color the wild vine is heavy with fruits mountain in autumn in a freehand drawing gently.

It finely describes the image of changing color of heavy with wild vine in autumn mountain with hand painting.

・Material/ Fabric:Hemp100% , Bottom of weight:Hemp, Glass beads , Other parts:Birch, Polyester for string, Ilon for metal fixtures

・Size/ 10×170×4cm

・Weight/ 120 g
・Made in China

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