What is the difference between Kimono and Yukata?

【General Differences】


Formal, Intricate patterns, Luxurious designs and materials

  It is worn for special occasions such as weddings, tea ceremonies, and festivals.

It's more of a luxurious, dress-up wear than Yukata.


Casual, Simpler designs and thinner material, Ideal as a relaxing wear

It is worn during the summer months or at hot springs (onsen) and is typically shorter in length than a kimono. It's made of thin, breathable cotton. It features simpler designs, often with bold colors and patterns.

【About Kimono and Yukata in Kyoto Handicraft Center】

Our Kimono and Yukata products are for casual and daily use.
A belt is included, and it's easy to wear.
Most customers wear it at home, but it can also be worn on the go.

Kimono Yukata Quick Chart

Kimono Yukata chart

Kimono Full and Knee Length

Yukata Full and Knee Length