"Kabazaiku" cherry bark craft vol.2  "Enjoy Kabazaiku"

When we see the courtyard from Japanese traditional house, we feel the sunlight is becoming brighter than before,
the spring seems next to us, it is really "Harutonari", next to spring.
(If you are interested in, please see our last blog.)

↑Early spring of Eikando temple @Kyoto


Today's story is also about "Kabazaiku", beautiful cherry bark craft from Akita Prefecture, northeast of Japan.

■Two type of Kabazaiku
The word "Kaba" of "Kabazaiku" means the bark of cherry tree, and bark is pasted on the mold or base of wood.
The making process is so delicate; need to take care the temperature and humidity of bark to stick well and make up beautiful.

There are two type of bark, one is "Shimofuri gawa" and another one is "Muji gawa".

 "Shimofuri gawa is used the original bark without polish up, and you can enjoy simple texture of wildness of bark .
On the other hand, the bark "Muji gawa " is polished up with caramel brown, so you can enjoy the shiny color and smooth touch of cherry bark.

Each type has each beauty, but the polished type "Muji gawa " is more popular than "Shimofuri gawa".

■Three type of technique
There are three types of techniques to past the bark, "Kata mono" "Kiji mono" and "Tatami mono".
(Some of you are curious about the word "mono", it means "thing".)

1)Kata mono
You often see this technique on the "tea caddy". When the craft man makes something like tube, he wraps the bark on the mold of wood and he uses the small iron to stick well.

2)Kiji mono
You often see this technique on the "tray". When the craft man makes something like a thin box like a Japanese traditional tray, he put the bark on the plate of wood with small iron to stick well.

3) Tatami mono
You often see this technique on the accessories. Craft man makes layer with thin polished bark and engraves on the surface.

Above all sophisticated technique by craft man has its own characteristics; the pattern of bark, the way of finish up.
In the other word, all items of "Kabazaiku" is "One of kind".

So, once you gain the cherry bark item, it is always only for you.
If you used for a long time, the touch and color become only yours.

If you use well in your daily life, the craft made by hand suits your life style.
This is the magic of Japanese traditional craft.

The items we recommend you are as follows;

★Tea caddy and Round tray 
It is said that the cherry bark breathes well, so it can hold the appropriate humidity for the inside of the caddy.
This is why it is so good to conserve the tea leaves. You can of course use for the coffee beans and English tea leaves.
However, please do not wash with water. please clean only with the dry cloth.

2,Diamond-shaped tray
The cherry bark is pasted on the outside of tray, and inside is red lacquered. You can put the biscuits, pistachio and the other sweets and fruits for the house party.
As the surface is urethane coating, you can wash with water and wipe with water.

Are you developing your imagination how to use this "Kabazaiku" in your life?

This is one of the Japanese traditional crafts but you can use them freely in your life in your country.
If you have any suggestion how to use Japanese crafts, please let us know from "comment".

And if you are lover of Japanese cherry blossoms, you can enjoy all year around with the motif of cherry blossoms and the touch of cherry bark, This is really "Haru tonari" next to spring!


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