Autumn is the season of …….

What comes to your mind when we talk about Autumn?

We often describe that autumn is season of ……….. My favorite one will be “Autumn is the season of food. Autumn is a perfect season to have good appetite because of the time of harvest.

 Autumn, which is neither too hot as summer nor too cold as winter, is a season when our mind can afford to enjoy the art, sports, education, cultural event and more. Someone’s first impression of Autumn may be “reading”. It is said that as the night getting longer and longer, so people acquire the habit of reading. Examples are countless !!

Autumn is time to appreciate the richness of our soils all aournd the world.

Japan Tourism Agency conducted a survay for tourists coming to Japan and suprisingly 70.5% answers the they love to try Japanese food. The world best known beer fes is called Octoberfest. The season comes for beer enthusiasts across the world when autumn arrives. These lively festivals are held all around the world. Thanksgiving, celebrating the harvest and other blessings of past year in the United States and Canada.

Japanese Food is not only Sushi, Tempra and Sukiyaki.....

“Washoku” was designated UNESCO Intangiblend Cultual Heritage in 2013. When applying forregistration, the Japanese government gave the following four characteristics as typifying Washoku

 1. Diversity and freshness of ingredients, and respect for their inherent flavors. 

 2. An exceptionally well-balanced and healthy diet.

 3. An expression of natural beauty and the changing seasons.

 4. Close links with annual events.

There are local cuisine and processing / preservation techniues inherited in each region and created variety of reginal food culture. 

Do you know what is hardest food in the world? 

Katsuobushi is made by repeatedly smoking and drying boiled deboned filets of bonito that has recognized by Guinness World Records as the hardest food in the world. The more times the mold treatment is repeated, the lighter brown the surcace color becomes. KAREBUSHI, type of katusobushi make a dashi (broth) with a mild aroma and a very refineed flavor. The dashi (broth)is stronger in UMAMI and also clear. 

  "Ichiban dashi" made with a combination of Katsuobushi and Kombu!!

Kombu is harvested primarily in Hokkaido, Aomori Prefecture, and also in part of Iwate prefecture. Hokkaido is the origin of the major varieties. All varieties of take two years to grow in teh sea. In kyoto, Rishiri kombu, a high-quality is reffered and peole in Osaka prefers different type of kombu. If you come to Kyoto, let's try asking chefs, his or her favorite Komubu!!


How about making your Bento Box with your own Dashi ?

How about picnic lunch with Magewappa Bendo Box


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If you can tell us which shrine in the picture, you are Sake enthusiasts !!


Have you ever hear "God of Sake". In our culture, since ancient time, people have believed there are millions of gods in nature. This shrine is known as a sacred place for sake, The first sake in Japan has been introduced in the region of Nara. Sake is more than a drink take to enjoy a tipsy time. Sake took on a vital role in rreligious festivities, agricultural rites, and many different ceremonial events, from wedding to funerals. In the picture, sake barrels are offered from sake breweries.

 How about enjoy sake with nice sake bottle

How was our blog? Japan is a small island, but very rich in food culture like dashi (broth), fermented seasonings like shoyu and miso. Even Koji (Aspergilus) modls cultured for various purposes.  Kyoto offers a lot more for you!!  By the way, answer of shrine is Matsunoo Taisha Shirne. 



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