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Smartphone Surge: The Evolution of Social Media 

With the rapid proliferation of smartphones, social media has made significant progress, and the use of social networking services (SNS) has become commonplace, bringing about substantial changes in communication styles.

Have you ever heard the word "Reiki"?

In the East, there are terms like"ki" or "Qi," and in Sanskrit, there are words such as "Prana" and "Sakti"(in Hinduism), as evidence that the existence of "life energy" has been believed in for a long time. "Reiki healing" refers to the energy therapy that performs treatments using such life energy.

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"power spots" 

Japanese people are fond of places often referred to as "power spots." or spiritual spots. Examples include the Shikoku 88 Temples Pilgrimage, Izumo Taisha in Shimane prefecture, Ise Jingu in Mie prefecture, and many others. Japanese people are a highly spiritual and culturally adept group, believing that gods reside in all things. 

Global Perspectives on Reiki Practices

In Germany, it has been recognized by the Supreme Court that Reiki healing can be practiced as a form of counseling even without medical licenses. Reiki sessions and Reiki therapy are implemented in well-known hospitals across the United States, such as the George Washington University Hospital, Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania, and more. The widespread adoption of Reiki healing in cancer centers is also noteworthy.


Kurama-dera Temple Known As: A Spiritual Oasis
Among many people, Kurama-dera Temple is often regarded as the most powerful spiritual spot in Kyoto and Mt, Kurama is the birthplace of Reiki, 

(Tengu "The Birdlike Demons")

Three famous statues make Kurama-dera Temple so spiritual. 

 Famous Bishamonten statues found in Japan include the standing helmet-wearing,  Bishamonten at two temples in Kyoto. Todai-ji's Daibutsuden, and the designated national treasure, the Bishamonten Triad statue at Kurama-dera Temple. 

(This picture is an image of Bishamonten statues)

千手観世音菩薩 Senjyukanzenonbosatsu statue represents "Love=Beauty". 

毘沙門天王 Bishamonten statue represents "Earth" and is also designated a national treasure
護法魔王尊 Gohoumaonson represents unseen force. 

We recite "As beautiful as the moon, as warm as the sun,  bestow our blessing on the earth" in front of those statues. 

To avoid accumulating the root of various illnesses, it is important to practice self-care. How about taking care of yourself, believing in your own strength, cultivating your own power, and nurturing a healthy mind before you think about New Year's resolution?