Stay cool and relax with Japanese way Ver.3 "Practical folding fan"

Folding fan, might be so practical item for you!

Folding fan in Japan


We suppose that the traditional Japanese folding fan is one of the most interesting item for you, its beautiful shape might make you feel exotic, and some designs are so artistic and enjoyable as a decoration on the wall in your living room.

As we have several kinds of folding fan: fan for decoration, for dancing, for making barrier between you and others (especially for tea ceremony), and for cooling yourself.
In some western countries, folding fan has been used as an accessory among noble ladies, but it is more practical and daily item for Japanese people especially in summer.

How to use a folding fan

The feature of folding fan is easy to carry anywhere, because it can be functionally opened and closed .
When it is closed, it is like this.

When it is opened, it is like this.

However, if you open your fan wrong way, it will be broken.
We highly recommend you to open your fan right way.
Please click following image and check the movie.


please open it right way and enjoy the wind you make your self like Uchiwa.
(If you are interested in Uchiwa, another Japanese traditional fan, please see the latest article from here.)


Another way to open the fan

There is another way especially a little bit "bad boy"  often opens the fan so fast like this.

When men would like to get attention of woman, they sometimes use this way. (Please click following image to see the movie.)


If you are a fun of "Kabuki" or "Japanese traditional dance", you might have seen that the actors or dancers opened the fan like above way.

But , if you would like to try it, please take care not to break your fan. 

Folding fan was like a "note paper"

A long time ago, Uchiwa was brought in Japan from China. It was used to hide the noblepersons when they go out of Imperial palace. Noble person had not show themselves easily in public, but it was used to cool the food of noble persons, and make comfortable wind too.

However, Uchiwa is not easy to carry and more compact item was born in 8th century, Japan, it was called as a "sensu", folding fan.

Primary folding fan was made from bundled narrow strips of wood , we call is as "mokkan" and make holes at the end of strips to attached with paper strings. It was so practical for the persons who works in the Imperial palace. A that time, strips of wood are used as a paper as a "note paper". So, when they need to make speech, they write down their speech contents and bundle them. These are attached with string in order.
When they start speech they opened this bundled wooden strips, it look so elegant and beautiful.
It was so useful way to get over their important ritual and conference smartly.

That is the origin of folding fan in Japan.

This is why, some folding fan was made of only wood or only paper, because folding fan was used as a "note paper " for a long time.

As the times progress, in 18th century, people began to use the folding fan to cool themselves in summer and became so popular item among us.

As we have several types of folding fan for men and for women, if you are interested in, please click following image. you will jump to our collection on our shopping site.


Next time, we introduce the fan for decoration and dancing.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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