Akashiya brush pen “Koto” あかしや新毛筆 古都

¥500 JPY
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Akashiya brush pen “Koto” あかしや新毛筆 古都

¥500 JPY
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A brush pen decorated with Japanese paper with an elegant Kyoto Yuzen kimono pattern. It is a sophisticated design produced by traditional colors and shapes. The name of this product, Koto means an ancient city.
It writes really smoothly and is handmade one by one in Nara prefecture, Using the brush making technology. It is used artificial hair with strong elasticity and water-based dye ink.
Made by Akashiya Co.
Please note that you cannot choose the color and pattern of the handle.

・Material/ Brush:Artificial hair , Jiku handle:Japanese Washi Paper Cpated
・材質/ 筆:人造毛 , 軸:Plastic coated with Japanese Washi Paper
・Size/ Brush:×17.6×cm , Exterior case:1.5×17.8×1.5cm
・Diameter / φ1cm

・Weight/ 20 g
・Made in Japan