Mini Sutra Copying Set for Calligraphy “Waraku”


Sale price¥7,800 JPY



A compact and cute mini calligraphy set. The box is made of thick paper and is coated with a beautiful kimono patterned paper called Yuzen washi paper. The name of this product, Waraku is a word that means peace and harmony.
Recommended for writing popular sutra copying at home and for writing postcards. It is one of popular souvenirs of Japan. The brush is assembly required. It comes with a ceramic jug. Please note that you cannot choose the color or pattern.

・Material/ Box:Paper, Coated with Japanese Yuzen Washi Paper , Inkstone:Stone, Inkstick: Ink , Brush:Horsehair, Nylon, Brush Handle: Plastic , Jug:Ceramic
・Size/ 12×11.5×2.5cm

・Weight/ 210 g
・Made in Japan

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