Japanese Bound Notebook "Enji-iro" 木版 和綴じノート

¥1,800 JPY
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Japanese Bound Notebook "Enji-iro" 木版 和綴じノート

¥1,800 JPY
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This bound notebook is finished with hand-printed woodblock binding. It is made of Japanese washi paper and is easy to write with a fountain pen or ballpoint pen.
Traditional Japanese colors and the classic chrysanthemum patterns are printed on the both sides of the cover.
Made by the woodblock art book publisher UNSODO. The bookbinding is also handmade by bookbinding craftsmen in Kyoto. Please feel and enjoy this beautiful texture.

"Enji-iro" Dark red
"Kobai-iro" Reddish pink
"Aomidori-iro" Blue-green
"Ginnezu-iro" Silver gray

・Material/ Japanese Washi Paper
・材質/ 和紙
・Size/ 12.7×18.2×0.5cm

・Other info/ Fourth stitch / 44 pages / 22 faces / plain
・Weight/ 80 g
・Made in Japan

こちらは, 手摺木版の装丁で仕上げられた和綴じのノートです。和紙製で、万年筆やボールペンでも書きやすい一品です。

臙脂色 Dark red
紅梅色 Reddish pink
青緑色 Blue-green
銀鼠色 Silver gray