Greeting Card "Kuruma" グリーティングカード 車 145

¥200 JPY
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Greeting Card "Kuruma" グリーティングカード 車 145

¥200 JPY
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Japanese style is expressed by the fan of popular Hokusai painting and the ground patterns.
Since the shape of the fan spreads toward the end like Mt. Fuji, it has a good auspicious meaning of prosperity, success, and the development of things. Foil stamping and embossing finish are used for the pattern and it creates a gorgeous finish.
The inner paper is plain with a faint cherry blossoms pattern and removable. It comes with a plain white envelope. Recommended for various occasions not only as a Christmas card.

・Material/ Paper:foil stamping embossing finish ,
・材質/ 洋紙:箔押し 浮き出し
・Size/ Card (when folded):11.5×17.5×cm , Inner paper:22.2×16.9×cm , Envelope:12×18.7×cm

・Other info/ Inner paper : plain
・Weight/ 20 g
・Made in Japan