Bento Box "Kokeshi Doll"


Sale price¥7,800 JPY


A kokeshi is handicraft from wood. You can find kokeshi dolls sold in souvenir shops, or department store of Japan. This bento box is maiko-style.
This product splits into three sections. The upper, dome section is an inverted soup bowl (350 ml). The second level has seal without leak (500 ml). The bottom level without leak (350 ml).
An elastic rubber band.
Microwave, dishwasher safe (without seal).
For school, for picnic, for travel.
Withstand temperature (without seal) from -20℃ to +140℃.
Chopsticks are sold separately.

・Material/ body:ABS , seal:PE
・Size/ 11.5×16×11.5cm

・Weight/ 380 g
・Made in Japan

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