Japanese tea "Asatsuyu Houjicha" 日本茶 朝露ほうじ茶

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Japanese tea "Asatsuyu Houjicha" 日本茶 朝露ほうじ茶

¥1,000 JPY
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Tea was first introduced to Japan from China in the early 8th century.
Ujicha started in the Kamakura period (1185-1336). The Japanese Buddhist priest Myoe from Kozan-ji in Toganoo encouraged people to cultivate Ujicha. In the Muromachi period (1336-1573), the Ashikaga shogunate spread the name of Ujicha around Japan.
Houjicha is made by roasting Sencha or Bancha over a high flame. It is bring out a pleasant aroma. The roasting process diminishes the tannin and caffeine. So Hojicha choice for baby in Japan.
How to brew Houjicha in Japanese teapot
① Place the leaves in Japanese teapot. Use 2 of a tablespoon (approx. 6g) per person.
② Pour hot water (approx. 100cc) per person into a Japanese teapot. It will be ready in 30 seconds.
③ Pour little by little between the teacup so that the color of the tea is evenly distributed, making sure you pour every last drop from Japanese teapot.
・Material/ loose leaves
・材質/ 茶葉
・Size/ 11.5×21.5×4cm

・Weight/ 120 g
・Made in Japan

ほうじ茶は番茶や煎茶を強火で炒って、香ばしい匂いを引き出したお茶です。お茶を炒ることでタンニンやカフェインを少なくしています。 その為日本では赤ちゃんが飲むのに選ばれています。
① 茶葉を急須にいれる。一人分約6 g (大さじ1.5杯)
② 急須にお湯をいれる。一人分約100 cc。約30秒待つ。
③ 濃さが均一になるように少しずつ注ぎ分け、最後の一滴まで絞りきる。