Kimono Women's Cotton Knee-length "Princess" (Red)


color: Red
Sale price¥10,000 JPY


This product is a knee-length cotton kimono with a pocket on the front. The length comes from “hanten” that became popular as a work cloth or jacket in the Edo-period of Japan.
It is recommended as a comfortable home cloth or as a bathrobe. This length makes it even easier to wear and walk. You can also wear it like a jacket or cardigan.
In this pattern the princess wears a beautiful kimono called “Junihitoe” which is twelve-layered ceremonial kimono. Gold cherry blossoms also create a gorgeous atmosphere.
It comes with a thin sash of the same fabric.
There is an individual difference in how the pattern appears. Recommend ironing after washing.


・Material / Cotton
・Size / M (One size Only)
・Weight / 360g
・Made in Japan

Collection: Kimono Cotton Knee Length

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