Kimono Men’s Cotton "Gold dragon Embroidery" (Black)


color: black
Sale price¥18,400 JPY


Kimonos has been developed as the traditional Japanese clothing.
Today most Japanese only wear them on special occasions such as the New Year’s season and for weddings. They are often expensive and difficult to wear.
This cotton kimono is easy-to-wear items and is recommended as a comfortable home cloth or as a bathrobe. You can experience the Japanese culture in an easy way.
Dragon became a water deity by fusing with serpent deity in Japan. This embroidered gold rising dragon with thunder presents a wish for success, a power and huge harvest.
A thin sash of the same fabric is temporarily sewn inside the sleeve. Recommend to iron after washing.


・Material / Cotton
・Size / M (59") (One size Only)
・Weight 540 g
・Made in Japan

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