Kimono Kid's Cotton "Flower" White 着物 子供 綿 鈴 白


Size: 25
color: white
Sale price¥8,700 JPY


Kimono has changed as a traditional Japanese costume in line with the times. This is a kimono for children. The sleeves have a thin band of self-fabric so you can easily wear it at home. Beautiful flowers and Mari, which means a Ball, are adorned throughout the kimono, giving it a cute girlish design. Mari represents nobility and elegance from the "Ke-Mari (Ke means kicking)" that was a play of the aristocrats. The material is 100% cotton and has a gentle touch and breathability. You can wash it at home, but you need to be careful as it shrinks easily and color transfer.
・Material/ Cotton
・Weight/ 140 g
・Made in Japan


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