Rubiaceae castello wood comb with Camellia Oil Finish 4sun (M) 2803


Sale price¥8,400 JPY


The comb was believed to have a mystical power and protect people from evils.
This Rubiaceae castello wood comb is made by hands in Japan, which is coated by the camellia oil. It does not generate static electricity, cares of hair, and leads to the glossy hair.
You can use this size of comb adorably and stylishly when you adjust the hair even outside home.
If it gets dirty, it is recommended to apply the camellia oil or vegetable oil to the comb by tissue or gauze, rub the dirt with a dry toothbrush, and wipe it off a dry cloth etc. Please note that washing with water cause the surface to lose its gloss and the comb will bend or swell.

・Material: Rebiaceae castello wood
・Size: W12.3 x D4.3 x H1.0 cm
・Weight: 30g

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