Kimono Accessories Hair Ornament "Flower Kanzashi" 花かんざし No.62


Color: Purple
Sale price¥8,800 JPY


Kanzashi is the traditional Japanese hair ornament. In ancient Japan, a single pointed thin stick was believed to have a mystical power and to protect people from the evils by wearing it on the hair.
This is a calm and beautiful kanzashi of purple cherry blossoms scattered with lame. Artificial pearls sway and shine every time you move, giving people an elegant impression. You can enjoy matching with any clothes as well as kimono and yukata.
Recommend not to do up your hair with this kanzashi as the stick part is not made of metallic. It may cause break or damage. Please place it in the hair after doing up the hair.

・Material: Resin,Metal,Acrylic,Artificial Pearl
・Size: W17.0 x D5.0 x H3.3 cm
・Weight: 20g
・Made in Japan


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