Kitchen knives "Bontenunryu Petty 135mm" 包丁 梵天雲龍 ペティ 135mm


Sale price¥33,000 JPY


The "Bontenunryu Pro Series" is a double-edged knife of Ryusen Hamono Co., Ltd. from Echizen in Fukui, and high-grade steel VG10 made of high-quality molybdenum steel is sandwiched between 63 layers of nickel Damascus and carefully crafted by skilled craftsmen.
The entire blade has a beautiful ripple pattern by hand polishing technology.
It has excellent sharpness because it is hard to rust and has excellent wear resistance. Petty is a small all-purpose knife with a short blade. Suitable for detailed work when cutting vegetables and fruits. Recommended for those who want a professional sharpness.

・Material: Blade: 63 Layered Nickel Damascus / Handle: Reinforced Plywood
・Size: Blade 13.5cm x Handle 10.0cm
・Weight: 220g
・Made in Japan


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