Kitchen knives "Bontenunryu Usuba 165mm" 包丁 梵天雲龍 薄刃 165mm


Sale price¥44,400 JPY


The "Bontenunryu Pro Series" is a double-edged knife of Ryusen Hamono Co.,Ltd. from Echizen in Fukui, and high-grade steel VG10 made of high-quality molybdenum steel is sandwiched between 63 layers of nickel Damascus and carefully crafted by skilled craftsmen.
The entire blade has a beautiful ripple pattern by hand polishing technology.
It has excellent sharpness because it is hard to rust and has excellent wear resistance.
The thin blade (Usuba) is mainly suitable for fine work such as peeling vegetables and slicing thinly. Recommended for those who want a professional sharpness.

・Material: Blade: 63 Layered Nickel Damascus / Handle: Reinforced Plywood
・Size: Blade 16.5cm x Handle 12.0cm
・Weight: 400g
・Made in Japan


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