Kitchen knives "Yanagiba Sashimi Knife 21cm" 包丁 文明銀丁 柳刃刺身包丁 薄口7寸


Sale price¥15,000 JPY


A Japanese knife is based on a Japanese sword and a single-edged blade.
The feature is that you can cut the fibers of the material without breaking it.
"Bunmei Gincho" is a stainless steel knife that uses molybdenum-containing special steel for blades and does not rust easily and retains excellent sharpness.
The Yanagiba sashimi knife is a knife for sashimi that has a long and narrow blade. “Yanagi” means a willow and the blade looks like the shape of a willow leaf. Recommended for thinly sliced sashimi and cut slippery seafood.

・Material: Blade: Stainless Steel/Handle: magnoria
・Size: Blade 21.0cm x Handle 14.0cm
・Weight: 220g
・Made in Japan


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