Yosegi "Kendama"  寄木 けん玉

¥1,300 JPY
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Yosegi "Kendama"  寄木 けん玉

¥1,300 JPY
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Hakone yosegi zaiku marquetry has been produced in Hakone town of Odawara City in the Western Kanagawa Prefecture since 200 years ago. It was designated national traditional handicraft by the International Trade & Industry Minster in 1984.
Making full use of the wealth of wood colours and textures, craftsmen produce the geomatric patterns by shaving and merging the wood chips.
The plate of wood chips is shaved carefully into thin sheets. Then, ironed and stuck onto the Kendama.
Each of them are handmade, so the patterns may vary.
Kendama is a traditional Japanese toys. It consists of a handle, and a ball which is connected by a string. To play, the user needs to catch the ball with the three cups or the spike.

・Size:W6.0 x D16.0 x H3.7cm
・Weight: 80g
・Made in Japan