Noh mask “Okina” Large-sized 能面 翁(大)

¥16,800 JPY
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Noh mask “Okina” Large-sized 能面 翁(大)

¥16,800 JPY
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This product is a ceramic Noh mask.
Noh is a form of Japanese theater originating in the 14th century, and was designated as an Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2008.
In Noh plays, only the lead performer called “Shitekata” wears a mask. The mask expresses what kind of character is portrayed. This “Okina” portrays an elderly man with long beard which symbolizes wisdom. It features a movable jaw and the eyebrows.
The original masks which are used in actual plays are wooden, but this item is made of ceramics which is designed for decorations.
Please note that there may be slight differences as each product is handmade.

・Material/ Face:Ceramics , String:Rayon・Straw(Movable jaw part) , Eyebrows:Hemp , Beard:Horsehair
・材質/ 本体:陶器 , 紐:レーヨン・藁(切顎) , 眉:麻 , 髭:馬毛
・Size/ 14.5×19×7.5cm

・Length of beard/ 30cm
・Weight/ 600 g
・Made in Japan