Bronze vase Shurei Shokaku with Wooden Box 青銅花瓶 秀麗 翔鶴 化粧箱入り


Sale price¥60,000 JPY


This bronze vase is Takaoka copperware. Takaoka is famous as a manufacturing town in Toyama prefecture. Most of the copperware in Japan is made in Takaoka. This product is a beautiful vase with an elegant crane design. Cranes are very auspicious birds that mean longevity. The two cranes are called a couple cranes. There is a meaning of "Happily married" because it does not separate once they get together. It comes with a wooden case, so it is also recommended as a gift.
・Material/ Vase:Bronze , Box:Wood
・材質/ 花瓶:青銅 , 化粧箱:木製
・Size/ Vase:25××cm , Box:27.5×19.5×21cm
・Mouth Diameter / φ9.5cm
・Name plate/ Inclusive
・Weight/ 3420 g
・Made in Japan


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