Bow Tie No.1 Black Red fiber Pointed

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This is a beautiful and modern bow tie with black and dark red made of "Nishijin-ori" kimono fabric.
It is pre-tied type and easy to put it on.
Although the Pointed type is supposed to be for parties, it can also be used in casual scenes.

“Kamigyo Bowtie” is a brand specializing in bow ties made of pure silk.
Mr. Tsutsui, the traditional weaver of Nishijin textile, produces them by utilizing his knowledge and experience of making the traditional stage costumes of Noh, Kyogen, and Kabuki.
For sewing the bow ties, it is used that the garment thread which is used for the tailoring of the costumes.
He also works on all processes by himself, from the fabric selection to the design, cutting, sewing and finishing.

Kyoto is a city of weaving.
"Nishijin-ori" textile, which is the figured cloth that represents Japan, is produced in Nishijin area in Kyoto city.
The beginning of its history is ancient and dates back to the 5th century.
In the Heian period (794-1192), the high-class textiles have produced for the court and the aristocrats.
The feature of Nishijin textile is “Sakizome”, the dyeing of the threads first before weaving the cloth, which can be dyed in the deep colors, and the colors are also hard to fade.
It is also high-variety and low-volume production, so people can enjoy their unique design.

We hope you will enjoy the collaboration with Japanese traditional luxury textiles and the modern fashion!
Recommended also for a gift to someone special.

Please note that this product is the only one item and will be discontinued as soon as it is sold out.

・Material/ 100% Silk
・Size/ W11.5×H6×D2.5cm

・Weight/ 80 g
・Made in Japan


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