Lacquerware Screen "Wildflowers" Kin-un Ko-daiji


Sale price¥20,000 JPY


This product is a lacquered screen with a design of wildflowers of autumn season.
The decoration is called “Kodai-ji maki-e”. Maki-e is a Japanese lacquer technique of sprinkling gold and /or silver powder on lacquer while it is still wet. The name "Kodai-ji maki-e" refers to Kodai-ji temple in Kyoto, which was built as a posthumous memorial to Hideyoshi Toyotomi by his wife and houses many lacquer objects. This screen will be an elegant decoration for your room which adds Japanese taste.
Please avoid keeping the product in direct sunlight, excessive dryness or humidity. It may cause damage.
For cleaning, please wipe with a soft cloth to remove dust and fingerprints as the surface is very delicate.
Please note that the product may differ slightly from the images shown.

・Material/ Medium-density fiberboard , Cashew lacquer
・Size/ W50×H30×D1.2cm

・Weight/ 1620 g
・Made in Japan

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