Deer Leather Glasses & Pen Case “Shouheigawa”


Color: Black
Sale price¥12,000 JPY


A Stylish case made of deer leather, used for glasses and or stationeries.
Dear leather has high breathability and hygroscopicity.
Since the bundles of thin fibers are tightly intertwined, it is flexible, durable and is very soft feel.
As a deer is a longevity god messenger, deer leather has been regarded as the best gift as a lucky one since ancient times.

The pattern is called “Shouheigara”.
Kanji characters “June 1, 1351”, and dianthus which is a flower symbolizing a Japanese woman, and arabesque pattern which means strong life force, prosperity and longevity are dyed with lacquer.
June 1, 1351, on that day, there is the origin of that the “prince Kaneyoshi” gave permission to print “Shouheigara” on the deer leather and allowed to sell it.
It had been widely used as a decoration of armor as a very lucky pattern.

It is possible to use the inner side to wipe and clean the surface of glasses.
Please enjoy its soft feeling. Produced by Washin Co., Ltd.

・Gold, silver in Black
・Black, red in Brown
・Black, red in White

Please note that it may slightly differ in how the pattern appears.
The color transfer, fading, and color unevenness may occur depends on moisture, humidity, and friction because of the characteristics of the material.
If it gets wet, tap it lightly without rubbing the surface to remove moisture, and then dry it in the shade.
Lacquer may come off or crack when rubbed. It is completely dried before it is made into a product, but in rare cases itching and rashes may occur.
Please discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor in this case.

・Material/ Case:Deer leather , Spring mouth:Metal
・Size/ W10×H18.2×D0.6cm

・Weight/ 30 g
・Made in Japan

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