Yosegi 6 "Yosegi box of two drawers"


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This item is a Yosegi marquetry box of two drawers.
The drawers are compact and will come in handy for organizing something small items but important things like bank books, medical cards, etc.

Hakone Yosegi Zaiku marquetry has been produced in Hakone town of Odawara city in the western Kanagawa prefecture for 200 years.
Making full use of the wealth of wood colours and textures, craftsmen produce the geometric patterns by shaving and merging the wood chips.
Yosegi Zaiku is recommended as a product for daily use.
As each product is handmade, there may be individual differences.

A number of different types of wood are used in the creation of Yosegi.
White Cornel Mayumi Spindle tree Aohada tree
Black Lignitized Japanese Judas tree
Yellow Bitter wood Mulberry tree Lacquer tree
Brown Styphnolobium Japonicum Japanese hophornbeam
Blue Magnolia obovata
Red Chinese cedar
This is only a part. Other types of wood may be used.

・Material/ wood
・Size/ W18×13×D13.3cm

・Weight/ 880 g
・Made in Japan

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